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Location: Aht Urhgan Whitegate - (F-8)
Type: Artifact NPC
Description: Creates Blue Mage Artifact Armor

Involved in Quests

Artifact Trace

After flagging the quest Transformations, you may commission Blue Mage Artifact Armor from Lathuya. You can chose the order in which you receive the armor and may commission a new piece one Vana'diel day (one Earth hour) after the last piece was completed.

Blue Mage Artifact Armor
Armor Ingredients Coin Cost
Magus Shalwar
Magus Shalwar icon.pngMagus Shalwar description.png
Imperial Mythril Piece x2
Magus Bazubands
Magus Bazubands icon.pngMagus Bazubands description.png
Imperial Mythril Piece x2
Magus Jubbah
Magus Jubbah icon.pngMagus Jubbah description.png
Imperial Mythril Piece x4

Once you trade the ingredients, she will then ask for payment in a second, seperate trade. She will give you a Magus order slip and tell you to come back later. Speak to her after the game day changes to receive your armor (you will need to zone too - logging off is not enough).