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Martial Arts

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Job Trait Information
Description Reduces delay for Hand-to-Hand attacks.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I MNK 1, PUP 25 400 delay
II MNK 16, PUP 50 380 delay
III MNK 31, PUP 75 360 delay
IV MNK 46, PUP 87 340 delay
V MNK 61, PUP 97 320 delay
VI MNK 75 300 delay
VII MNK 82 280 delay
VIII MNK 99 (100JP Gift) 275 delay
IX MNK 99 (1200JP Gift) 270 delay


  • Martial Arts directly affects Delay, so it directly affects TP return.
    • It also counts towards the delay reduction cap, starting from a base of 480 delay. So, even with Haste and Martial Arts, the minimum H2H delay is 96 delay per round.
    • This TP reduction is typically used to determine the potency of Martial Arts gear pieces.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Wrestler's Mantle Latent Effect (Monk sub job): Hand-to-Hand Delay -10
Shaolin Belt Hand-to-Hand Delay -10
Cirque Necklace Hand-to-Hand Delay -10
Tantra Cyclas +2 Hand-to-Hand Delay -5
Bhikku Cyclas Hand-to-Hand Delay -5
Bhikku Cyclas +1 Hand-to-Hand Delay -6
Cirque Pantaloni +1 Hand-to-Hand Delay -5
Cirque Pantaloni +2 Hand-to-Hand Delay -10
Count's Cuffs Hand-to-Hand Delay -5
Karagoz Pantaloni Hand-to-Hand Delay -10
Karagoz Pantaloni +1 Hand-to-Hand Delay -11
Kenkonken (Level 75) Hand-to-Hand Delay -20
Kenkonken (Level 80) Hand-to-Hand Delay -30
Kenkonken (Level 85) Hand-to-Hand Delay -40
Kenkonken (Level 90) Hand-to-Hand Delay -45
Kenkonken (Level 95) Hand-to-Hand Delay -45
Kenkonken (Level 99) Hand-to-Hand Delay -50


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