Perfect Defense

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Blood Pact Information
Avatar: Light-SMN-Icon.gifAlexanderAlexander
Level Obtained: 75
Description: Reduces damage sustained by party members and prevent status ailments. Damage reduction and resistance rate will vary with the summoner’s remaining MP.
Blood Pact Type: Blood Pact: Rage
MP Cost: Will consume all of the caster's MP.
Base Duration: 30s + Floor(Summoning Magic Skill/20)s
Command: /pet "Perfect Defense"


  • Astral Flow must be active to summon Alexander. Alexander will automatically use this Blood Pact and Astral Flow will wear off.
  • Although it acts as a Blood Pact: Ward, this is considered a Blood Pact: Rage in the data files.
  • Duration improves linearly with summoning magic skill.
    • Potency begins to decrease at half duration.
  • Perfect Defense is an AoE party-only buff that drastically reduces the amount of damage taken and provides near immunity to almost all debuffing effects. The damage reduction and status immunity will begin to decay at half of the full duration.
  • Can generally not be removed by forms of Dispel, except for Extreme Purgation from Veiled Sandworm.


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