Pinecone Bomb

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Pinecone Bomb.png

Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Additional effect: sleep. Duration of effect varies with TP.
Available Level 36
Type Ranged Physical Number of Hits 1
MP Cost 48 MP Cast Time 2.5 seconds
Point Cost 2 Recast Time 26 seconds
Target Single Range 20'+
Stat Bonus STR +1
Additional Effects Sleep Duration 10~60 seconds
Monster Type Plantoid Monster Family Treant
Spell Mechanics
WSC% 20% STR 20% AGI
fTP 0~1499 2.25
1500~2999 2.25
3000 2.25
3500 2.25
Skillchain Properties Liquefaction
Volatile Enmity Cumulative Enmity


  • Additional effect of sleep is dark based.
    • Applied after damage is done.
  • Deals piercing damage.
  • Accuracy is determined by Blue Magic skill.
  • Considered a throwing ranged attack.Verification Needed

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Treant Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 80+
Monster Level Zone Map
Walking Tree 25-28   Jugner Forest Jugner Forest.jpgcenter link=
Leshy 52-54   Lufaise Meadows Lufaise Meadows-map.jpgcenter link=
Highland Treant 75-90   Abyssea - Konschtat
 Conflux #07
Abyssea - Konschtat-Map.jpgcenter link=
Knobby Treant 100-102   Ceizak Battlegrounds Updated marked map ceizak battlegrounds.jpegcenter link=
Verdant Treant 100-102   Yahse Hunting Grounds Updated marked map yahse hunting grounds.jpegcenter link=

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