Recover: Morimar Basalt Fields

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Recover: Morimar Basalt Fields
Coalition Mummers' Coalition
Rank Disciple
Type Recovering lost articles.
Zone Morimar Basalt Fields / Moh Gates
Objective Find a Lost article in Morimar Basalt Fields or Moh Gates.
Rewards: EXP/Bayld
IMP x1 IMP x2 IMP x3 Treasure
2000 3600 4800


  • Travel to Morimar Basalt Fields or Moh Gates and locate a Lost article.
  • There will always be one (and only one) available Lost article in each zone. The Lost article will despawn and immediately respawn when retrieved (it can respawn in the same position).
  • The Lost article does not show up on Wide Scan.
  • Known lost article positions:
    • Morimar Basalt Fields:
      • (E-7) east
      • (F-7) south
      • (H-10) near pond
      • (I-7) NW near hill
      • (I-9) Near North edge, east of cliff
      • (K-9) at the corner
    • Moh Gates:
      • (G-6)
      • (H-6)
      • (H-9)
      • (F/G-10)
      • (G-8)
      • (K-8)

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