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From BG FFXI Wiki
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Job Ability Information
Job Red Mage
Type Level  
Level Obtained 83
Description Spells you cast gain enhanced magic accuracy, and if it is enfeeblement magic, its effect and duration will be enhanced.
Duration 00:01:00
Recast 00:03:00
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 80
Command /ja "Saboteur" <me>


  • As of the February 2019 update[1], Saboteur lasts its whole duration and will not wear off even when using an enfeebling spell during its duration.
  • Increases magic accuracy for the duration.
    • This effect’s value scales with character level and applies to all spells.
    • Magic Accuracy can be further enhanced by 2 per Job Point Saboteur Effect level
  • Increases the potency and duration of all Enfeebling Magic cast by +100% (double) during it's duration.
    • On NMs the potency is only +25%; however the Empyrean Gantherots still grant their full bonus.
  • Does not affect the dMND or dINT part of spells (such as of Distract or Frazzle).
  • Increases the chance of Immunobreak occurring when using enfeebling spells during the effect.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Estoqueur's Gantherots +1 Increases potency by 5% Regular: (105%) NM: 30%)
Estoqueur's Gantherots +2 Increases potency by 10% Regular: (110%) NM: 35%)
Lethargy Gantherots Increases potency by 11% Regular: (111%) NM: 36%)
Lethargy Gantherots +1 Increases potency by 12% Regular: (112%) NM: 37%)


Saboteur Duration (Marauc, BG)
Saboteur Potency (Foldypaws, BG)
Saboteur +1 gloves Testing (Foldypaws, BG)
Saboteur +2 gloves Testing (Foldypaws, BG)
Saboteur NM Testing (Braden, FFXIAH)
Saboteur NM Testing #2 (Chiaia, BGWiki)

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