Sattva Ring

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Sattva Ring icon.png Sattva ring
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Description: HP+15~30 VIT+2~5 AGI+2~5 Enmity+3
Image: Sattva Ring description.png
Type: Armor
Flags: Equippable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Sattva Ring on FFXIAH" "Find Sattva Ring on FFXIDB"
Armor Information
Races: All Races Equip. Slot: Rings
Level: 30
Jobs: All Jobs

Obtained From...
Mission Notes
Dawn Obtained from a cutscene at the end of Promathia Mission 8-4 by checking the door to Marble Bridge.


  • Beginning at level 30, the 2~5 effects of the ring increases by 1 point every 15 levels.
  • Can be obtained again once every 27 earth days by discarding your previous ring reward and checking the door to Marble Bridge Eatery.

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