Sava Savanovic

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General Notes
  • Casts various Element: Fire Fire spells of increasing potency as HP Decreases
  • Uses:
  • Nosferatu's Kiss, however it does not inflict Charm.
  • Helliovoid frequently, absorbing 1 status effect from all targets in range requiring constant dispel.
  • Dirty Breath, inflicting Zombie/ST20 and Blind.
  • Wings of Gehenna, an AoE Magical Damage Element: Wind damage, knockback, and stun move.
  • May use Eternal Damnation, inflicting Doom.

Sava Savanovic
Vampyr 2.png
Type Undead
Family Vampyr
Job Fighter's Mask icon.png Warrior
Sub Job Wizard's Petasos icon.png Black Mage
Class Geas Fete NM
Physical Damage Magical Damage Breath Damage Slashing Blunt H2H Piercing Ranged
100% 62.5% Question 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Element: Fire Element: Wind Element: Thunder Element: Light Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark
60% 40% 60% 50% 30% 40% 60% 5%
A: Absorbs · S: Susceptible · R: Resists

During battle some monsters may change resistances.

100% denotates that a monster takes full damage.

  • E.g At 5% a foe takes -95% damage.

Tiers of 50% or less guarantee an enfeeble resist with 5% causing immunity.

See the Resist and Damage Type pages.


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Escha - Ru'Aun
FFXIDB Icon v3.png

     Forced: Examine ??? with a Sava Savanovic's cape.
All members require Tribulens or Radialens.
Fire VI
Firaga IV
Fire V
Flare II
Level Aggro Links Detects HP DEF EVA Magic DEF
119 XX Question
Assisted By Title Traits MP

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