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Shield Bash

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Job Ability Information
Job Paladin
Type Level  
Level Obtained 15
Description Delivers an attack that can stun the target. Shield required.
Range 5.4'
Recast 00:03:00 (base)
Cumulative Enmity 450 Volatile Enmity 900
Command /ja "Shield Bash" <stnpc> 
Merit Information
Tier 1 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Reduces recast by 00:00:06 per merit.


  • Stun rate is pretty high, but not 100%.
    • Being an instant ability, Shield Bash is very effective at stunning mob TP moves.
  • Items which enhance Shield Bash only increase its base damage.
  • This Job Ability's damage depends on the Shield in use and perhaps Paladin level. The below damages are for a 90PLD.
    • A Size 1 Shield has 25 Bash damage (Bucklers)
    • A Size 2 Shield has 38 Bash damage (Round Shields)
    • A Size 3 Shield has 65 Bash damage (Kite Shields)
    • A Size 4 Shield has 90 Bash damage (Tower Shields)
    • A Size 5 Shield has 25 Bash damage (Aegis, Ochain)


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Valor Gauntlets Bash Damage +10
Valor Gauntlets +1 Bash Damage +10
Knightly Earring Bash Damage +10
Guardian's Ring Latent Effect: Bash Damage +10
Sigma Earring Salvage: Bash Damage +10
Highlander's Targe Bash Damage +15
Fenian Ring Bash Damage +45~75
Aegis (Level 75) Bash Damage +200
Aegis (Level 80) Bash Damage +210
Aegis (Level 85) Bash Damage +220
Aegis (Level 90) Bash Damage +230
Aegis (Level 95) Bash Damage +240Question
Aegis (Level 99) Bash Damage +250Question
Valor Gauntlets +2 Bash Damage +12


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