Synergy Engineer

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Synergy Engineer.jpg
Location: Bastok Markets - (H-8)
Bastok Markets - (G-7)
Bastok Mines - (J-8)
Bastok Mines - (G-6)
Port Bastok - (D-7)
Port Bastok - (I-8)
Northern San d'Oria - (F-3)
Upper Jeuno - (H-9)
Upper Jeuno - (G-8)
Lower Jeuno - (H-8)
Lower Jeuno - (G-9)
Port Jeuno - (H-8)
Port Jeuno - (I-8)
Type: Synergy NPCs
Description: Gives Synergy training and replenishes fewell.


  • Incomplete listing. There are a lot more of them.

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