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Job Ability Information
Job Bard
Type Merit  
Level Obtained 83
Description If the next song you cast affects yourself, it will not subsequently be overwritten by other songs.
Duration 00:01:00 or next appropriate Song
Recast 00:00:05
Cumulative Enmity 0 Volatile Enmity 0
Command /ja "Tenuto" <me> 
Job Point Information
Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increases duration of songs by 2 seconds per rank.


  • The stacked song will remain active on the Bard for its duration or until it is replaced with another Tenuto'd song.
    • It is possible to Tenuto five songs onto yourself.
    • Does NOT stack with Pianissimo, so if you want to use this ability be sure you are far enough away from other people if you do not want them receiving your specific songs.



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