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Umbra Skillchain Info
Skillchain Tier: 4
Element: Element: Ice / Element: Earth / Element: Water / Element: Dark
Gorget: Snow Gorget / Soil Gorget / Aqua Gorget / Shadow Gorget
Belt: Snow Belt / Soil Belt / Aqua Belt / Shadow Belt
Related Day: Iceday / Earthsday / Watersday / Darksday


Umbra, though similar to Level 4 Darkness in every way known, is a proper level 4 Skillchain.

Deals Dark, Earth, Water, or Ice damage. Damage type is picked by monster's elemental resistances, and in the case of equal resistances it generally follows the pattern of Ice > Earth > Water > Dark.

For a two-step Umbra, the Skillchain damage is roughly twice the final Weapon Skill damage before resistances or bonuses. Skillchain damage of a given element can be enhanced with day/weather bonuses from the Elemental Obis and by Staves. See the main Skillchain page for more information.

Generating Darkness

It can only result from:


Umbra skillchain