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Aeonic Weapons, much like Empyreans, have an aftermath system that is more generic than Mythics or Relics. Every Aeonic gets an aftermath that increases Skillchain and Magic Burst damage and during the duration of the ability grants the ability to trigger one of the "ultimate skillchains" of Radiance and Umbra, and is uniform for all weapons. Similar to Mythics, any level Aftermath will overwrite Aftermath Level 1, but only Aftermath Level 3 will overwrite Level 2, and nothing overwrites Level 3. This means that someone trying to maintain the Level 3 aftermath all the time needs to wait for it to wear off or consumed before using a triggering Weapon Skill again.

A unique facet in Aeonic Aftermath, tied directly to the "Ultimate Skillchains", is the minimum Skillchain steps required in order to trigger these "ultimate skillchains"; wherein, depending on the level of the Aftermath, the minimum steps required is as detailed below.
Unlike any other Ultimate Weapons, Aeonic Aftermath potency is a gradual increase in potency within the tiers of the Aftermath.[1] Even though there are the differing status icons which explicitly state the aftermath level after performing a weapon skill, this mainly denotes the minimum requirements to make the "Ultimate Skillchains, as the Skillchain Bonus and Magic Burst Bonus scale at smaller tiers between the levels of Aftermath.

Another thing unique to Aeonic Aftermath is that any Aeonic Weapon Skill used to activate it will gain Level 3 Skillchain properties, which allows those Weapon Skills to participate in Level 4 Skillchains, these properties are applied when used during the Aftermath's duration.

Level TP Damage Bonus Minimum Steps Required to Trigger the Ultimate Skillchains
Skillchain Magic Burst
1 1000~1499TP 3% 3% Any skillchain -> Any skillchain -> Level 3 skillchain + Any Level 3 skillchain property weapon skill => Ultimate skillchain
1500~1999TP 4% 4%
2 2000~2199TP 5% 5% Any skillchain -> Level 3 skillchain + Any Level 3 skillchain property weapon skill => Ultimate skillchain
2200~2399TP 6% 6%
2400~2599TP 7% 7%
2600~2799TP 8% 8%
2800~2999TP 9% 9%
3 3000TP 10% 10% Any Level 3 skillchain property weapon skill + Any Level 3 skillchain property weapon skill => Ultimate skillchain

The above Level 3 skillchain properties may be from any weapon skill available to the player. (eg: Under AM3, any weapon skill with the Light property used twice will result in a Radiance skillchain; likewise any Darkness property weapon skill will close an Umbra skillchain.)

Duration for all levels of Aftermath is uniform, as below:
180 Seconds

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