Empyrean Aftermath

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Empyreans also have potency and damage that scale with TP, but their system is more generic than Mythics or Relics. Every Empyrean gets an "Occasionally Doubles Damage" aftermath that is currently thought to be the same for all weapons. Similar to Mythics, any level Aftermath will overwrite Aftermath Level 1, but only Aftermath Level 3 will overwrite Level 2, and nothing overwrites Level 3. This means that someone trying to maintain the Level 3 aftermath all the time needs to wait for it to wear off before WSing again.

Unlike Mythics, Aftermath potency is thought to be static regardless of TP and weapon level. Weaponskilling with 1999 TP will give the same Aftermath that you'd get from Weaponskilling at 1000 TP. This can be seen in the differing status icons which explicitly state the aftermath level after performing a weapon skill. It should be noted that there's some weak evidence to contradict this.[1]

  • Also unlike Mythics, Empyrean Aftermath cannot proc on Weapon Skills.

Unlike Relics, Empyrean double damage can proc on any additional hits (Double Attack, Triple Attack, Zanshin) initiated by the weapon. It cannot proc on Counters or Retaliations, and Verethragna is strange in that it can only proc on hits generated by one of the hands and only on the first hit.

Empyrean Aftermath (Level 85~119/II)

TP ODD Rate Duration
1000~1999TP 30% 30 Seconds
2000~2999TP 40% 60 Seconds
3000TP 50% 90 Seconds

Empyrean Aftermath (Level 119 III)

TP OTD Rate Duration
1000~1999TP 30% 60 Seconds
2000~2999TP 40% 120 Seconds
3000TP 50% 180 Seconds

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