Volt Strike

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Blood Pact Information
Avatar: Thunder-SMN-Icon.gifRamuhRamuh
Level Obtained: 99
Description: Delivers a threefold attack that stuns target.
Blood Pact Type: Blood Pact: Rage
MP Cost: 229
Duration: Instant
Skillchain Fragmentation
Skillchain 2: Scission
Stat Mod: Avatar's STR & INT
Command: /pet "Volt Strike" <t>


  • The stun effect has 15 second duration unresisted.
  • Deals more damage than Chaotic Strike.
  • Critical Hit Rate varies with TP.[1]
  • fTP transfers across all hits.
  • Seems to use approximately a 15% STR and 15% INT mods with ~5.3 fTP[2]

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