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Xoanon icon.png Xoanon
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Description: DMG:254 Delay:366 INT+20 MND+20 CHR+20 Accuracy+40 Magic Accuracy+40 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+26 Magic Damage+241 Staff skill +250 Parrying skill +250 Magic Accuracy skill +250 "Retribution" "Retribution" damage +20% Increases magic damage based on amount of TP consumed
Image: Xoanon description.png
Type: Weapon Storage: Storage Slip 28
Flags: Equippable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Xoanon on FFXIAH" "Find Xoanon on FFXIDB"
Weapon Information
Races: All Races Skill: Staff
Damage: 254 Delay: 366
DPS: 41.64 TP/Hit:


Level: 99
Item Level: 119
Jobs: Warrior / Monk / White Mage / Black Mage / Red Mage / Beastmaster / Bard / Summoner / Scholar / Geomancer

Obtained From...
Item Upgraded Via Notes
Gorpa-Masorpa Trade Kaja Staff icon.png Kaja Staff along with Abdhaljs Matter icon.png Abdhaljs Matter x5 and 1 Pulse Weapon.

See Ambuscade Weapons for more details.


  • Grants access to Retribution regardless of skill level or completion of Blood and Glory.
  • "Increases magic damage based on amount of TP consumed" means that when TP = 3000: Xoanon gains an additional Magic Damage +100, for a total of +341.[1]
    • Does not consume TP, and is not based on TP used for a Weapon Skill.



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