"The Healing Herb"

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"The Healing Herb"

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Type Description
Temporary Key Items An academic journal on herbalism,
published in the Far East.
It focuses primarily on the medicinal
properties of herbs.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Maju-Naju (Rhinostery) Windurst Waters Examine the Rhinostery door
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Quest Healing Herbs


Well known by the Sindar civilization and held in great esteem back then. Over the years, knowledge of this miraculous plant got lost, probably replaced by other types of medicine. However, the Sindar left some samples of this herb, sealed away in one of their constructions, in the country that would be known as Dunan Republic, many centuries later. They engraved a text in the stone, warning the traveler with these words All that you desire, all that you dream for, all that is most dear to you is there if your heart is true.

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