??? Earring: DNC

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??? Earring- DNC icon.png ??? earring: DNC
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Description: An earring made for a dancer. Use it to reveal its capabilities.
Image: ??? Earring- DNC description.png
Type: Usable Item
Flags: Usable inside Mog Garden, Can Use, NPC tradable, Not sendable, Exclusive
Stack size: 99
Valid Targets: Self
Activate Time: 1 second "Find Item on FFXIAH" "Find ??? Earring: DNC on FFXIDB"

Obtained From...
Item usage Notes
Old Case Any job NQ or +1 ??? earrings can be obtained from an Old Case, regardless what job the case was obtained or activated on.

Usable Item - This item produces the following...
Obtained: Maculele Earring icon.png Maculele Earring AugRank.png