A Barrel of Laughs

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A Barrel of Laughs
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Tuffle-Buffle, Western Adoulin
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Sauce Supreme
Repeatable No
Description A mannequin of curious origins has been wrested from Tarutaru Sauce's control. The suspects are not altogether unknown, and the prize can't be far. Search the immediate area for traces of its whereabouts.
Previous Quest Next Quest
To Laugh Is to Love None

One of the following:

Anastasi Earring icon.png
Anastasi Earring description.png
Anastasi Earring
Anastasi Earring description.png
Burana Earring icon.png
Burana Earring description.png
Burana Earring
Burana Earring description.png
Gelos Earring icon.png
Gelos Earring description.png
Gelos Earring
Gelos Earring description.png
Hija Earring icon.png
Hija Earring description.png
Hija Earring
Hija Earring description.png


  • Examine the Mischief Marker at (J-11) in Western Adoulin for a cutscene.
    • You will need to wait until the day changes after completing the previous quest.
  • To the left of the Mischief Marker is a door marked (Door: Depository), examine it for a cutscene.
  • Travel to Rala Waterways (M-6) from Eastern Adoulin (F-7) (Peacekeepers Warp) and examine the door behind Yeggha Dolashi for a cutscene.
  • Examine the door again to enter a battlefield against the Dashing Dreamers: Celestin (BLU), Fabioso (RDM), and their Mithra mannequin (RDM)
    • Only the enemy mannequin (Pupadi Dollmohr) needs to be defeated to clear the battlefield.
      • The mannequin only has about 55,000 HP.
      • Fabioso can cast Charm.
    • You will be assisted by the Tarutaru Sauce duo Tuffle-Buffle (BLM) and Musto-Rusto (RDM)
      • The Tarutaru duo is relatively frail but will remain at a distance if enemies are held far.
    • If either of your Tarutaru allies are defeated, you will instantly lose and be ejected from the fight.
    • If you fail, head to the Waterfront in Western Adoulin and click the Sauce Barrels (found on end of pier next to Jorin) for a cutscene demanding a specific food item from one of the vendors in town.
    • Return to the Sauce Barrels with the demanded food item and trade it to them.
    • Upon giving them the demanded food, you may return to the arena in Rala Waterways and retry the battlefield.
  • Upon successfully clearing the battlefield, head to the Door: Svenja's Manor in Western Adoulin (I-8) (COU Warp) and examine it for a cutscene.
    • If you have previously started the Flowers for Svenja quest first, you will be required to go enter the Celennia Memorial Library for that quests cutscene before you can continue. Afterwards, click the Door again, and ensure the cutscene involves Musto-Rusto, Svenja, and Othellius.
  • Travel to Sih Gates and harvest a Key ItemGuffawshroom.
    • You must target and perform at least one /laugh emote on any Harvesting Point, prior to trading your Sickle, in order to receive this KI.
    • Additional /laugh emotes may increase chance of receiving KI.
    • Recommended to bring along additional Sickles.
    • Tevigogo near the exit from Western Adoulin sells sickles.
  • Next click on the door to the Hospital at (I-9) in Western Adoulin for a cutscene.
    • Note that if you are at a certain point on the quest Flowers for Svenja, the doctor will be unavailable and you cannot progress in A Barrel of Laughs. You will simply receive the message "The door is firmly shut". **If this happens, you must progress further in Flowers for Svenja in order to proceed.
  • Return to the Mischief Marker at (J-11) for a cutscene.
    • The quest is considered complete at this point. You may choose your reward at a later time.
  • Talk to Peladi Shalmohr at the Mummers' Coalition in Western Adoulin to choose your reward.
    • If later you wish to choose a different earring, you must have 10,000 Bayld accumulated before trading her your current earring.
      • You may exchange earrings once per Conquest Tally (once per real life week).