A Discerning Eye (Bastok)

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A Discerning Eye (Bastok)
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Grin - Port Bastok (G-7)
Pack None
  • Discerning Individual
  • Very Discerning Individual
  • Extremely Discerning Individual
Repeatable Yes
Description You have been asked to return a dropped item to its rightful owner. The passenger should be on the next airship flight.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Dropped item
  • 500 gil


  • Speak to Grin and accept the quest.
  • Grin will show you a picture of an NPC, you need to memorize.
  • Board the next airship.
  • Several NPCs will spawn on the ship that all look very similar to the one Grin showed you.
  • Speaking to the NPCs will give you an option to return a Dropped item to them.
  • You only have one chance to get it right.
    • If you choose correctly, you are given 500 gil.
    • If you choose incorrectly, you fail the quest.