A Flash in the Pan

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A Flash in the Pan
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level none
Starting NPC Aquillina, Bastok Markets (K-9)
Pack None
Title none
Repeatable No
Description Trade four flint stones to Aquillina so she can light her oven.
Previous Quest Next Quest
none none
Flint Stone x4
Fame + 100g


  • Talk to Aquillina in Bastok Markets at (K-9), she will ask for Flint Stones
  • Trade 4 Flint Stone to Aquillina to complete quest.
  • Quest is repeatable but has a restriction of 15 earth minutes. This restriction is for 'everyone', not just yourself. So if another player has completed the quest recently, it will not be available.
  • Tip: If you're looking to gain Bastok fame fast, skip this one and work on the other repeatables and also Selbina quests.