Alexander (Server)

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Server Information
 Server ID:  9
 Activation Date:  May 15, 2002

Server Specific Information

  • It was one of 20 servers activated upon the original release of FFXI in Japan.
  • The name Alexander is thought to have been taken from Alexander the Great, the ancient king of Macedonia and undefeated conqueror. His exploits live on in the literary tradition long after his death and give him near mythological status.
  • The Greek name Alexander means "defender of men," from αλεξω (alexo) "to defend," and ανηρ (aner) "man."
  • In Final Fantasy mythology, Alexander appears in VI, VII, and VIII as Summons, in IX as well as XI as defense mechanism style summons (non-playable), and XII as one of the fleet of airships.

Server Links - the official drama page created after KI nuked the drama thread (which was 300+ pages). Anything you'd ever need to know or want about the server is either there or can be found with a simple question.