Altepa Gate

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The four activation units in front of the Altepa Gate.

Located in Western Altepa Desert at (I-6/7).

To open the Altepa gate, one must activate four columns: Emerald Column (D-10), Sapphire Column (F-6), Topaz Column (G-9), and Ruby Column (I-8). Once all four columns are activated, the gate will stay open for an extended period of time. These columns need to be in the "down" position to open the gate. See below for directions to each one.

Doing the Quest Open Sesame will allow you to pass by the weighted gates. These gates are "doorways" to get through Quicksands to the columns you need to activate below. Activate these in order shown below.

Emerald Column:

  • Home Point #1 to Quicksand Caves > (H-4) zone to Western Altepa > hug left wall until column.
    • If you do not yet have the Home Point, you need to enter from Western Altepa Desert (D-12). It is on this same map (Map 5). Walk to the Home Point after zoning in.

Sapphire Column:

Topaz Column:

  • Enter Quicksand Caves at (J-9) in Western Altepa Desert > Head to (E-11) and travel west to a new map. Fall down the Sandpit in the farthest room on right side, exit to Western Altepa Desert at (C-6). The Column is at (G-9) in Western Altepa Desert.
    • Voidwatch warp to Quicksand Caves puts you at this zone.

Ruby Column:

Altepa Gate

  • From Ruby Column > take the doorway to right > nw doorway in square area > north to Altepa Gate.

Once behind the Altepa Gate, you can reopen it by touching the targetable location, but it will only stay open for a short time.