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Some people in Vana'diel make their living as appraisers, helping merchants and mercenaries determine the type of items they have picked up during their travels in Aht Urhgan. The Near East's powerful ocean winds, rust, or even mere age can make an item unrecognizable to the amateur eye. The finder may even simply lack the knowledge to make an accurate judgment and find himself unsure of how to use the newly discovered good. In such cases, appraisers use their experience and keen senses to ascertain what the item really is. Qiqirn can use their keen noses to sniff out information about an item, and many make excellent appraisers. The only drawback to using a Qiqirn appraiser is that they might be a little difficult to understand due to their odd accents...


Appraisers may be found in towns such as Al Zahbi. Trade a mysterious item to an appraiser to learn its true name and features. After your find has been appraised, you will be able to equip or use it as a regular item. When you are in a party, the appraised item will be placed into your treasure pool. When you are solo, the item will be placed directly into your inventory.
Please note that you may be unable to receive an appraised item if it is Rare and you already possess one in your inventory.



Obtaining ??? Items

  • ??? Items are obtained by either completing Assault missions or rescuing prisoners taken captive during Besieged.
  • During special SE event campaigns the Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey (Neo Nyzul) assault will grant HQ (+1) ??? items which will appraise into rarer or unique items.

Appraising Items

  • Take any ??? Item and trade it to one of the NPC's listed below to have it appraised. The appropriate fee will be deducted from your Gil.

If you are in a party when you appraise an item it will be placed in the treasure pool.

Name Location Fee
Chochoroon Al Zahbi (G-10) 50 gil
Drahbah Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-6) 500 gil
Memeroon Nashmau (G-8) 500 gil

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