Ayame and Kaede

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Ayame and Kaede
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 30
Starting NPC Ensetsu, Port Bastok (I-5)
Pack Rise of the Zilart
Title Shadow Walker
Repeatable No
Description Ensetsu wishes to reclaim an item he has sold to the Tenshodo, but they will not exchange it for anything other than a "strangely shaped coral" from the Korroloka Tunnel. You must go and retrieve it for him.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None 20 in Pirate Years
A job at level 30+
Ability to become a Ninja.


  • Talk to Kaede at (J-5) for a cutscene.
  • Talk to Kagetora at (F-6), inside the door to Warehouse 2.
  • Return to Ensetsu.
    • The quest log entry will appear after this cutscene.
  • Travel to (K-8) within Korroloka Tunnel, Map 5, and click on the ??? to spawn 3 Korroloka Leeches.
  • The quickest entrance is from Western Altepa Desert.
  • These leeches will link with any Thread Leeches in the vicinity.
  • If for some reason you click on the ??? and the leeches doesn't pop, try reloging
  • Defeat the leeches and after the bodies despawn, click on the ??? to receive the key item Strangely shaped coral.
  • Return to Ensetsu.
  • Travel to Norg and speak with Ryoma at H-8, who will give you the key item Sealed dagger.
  • Return to Ensetsu to complete the quest.

Note: If the person who spawned the leeches is killed, do not raise them until after the Korroloka Leeches are dead. Otherwise, they will respawn immediately.

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