BatchWHM: Precast

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Precast Max  
Grioavolr icon.pngGrioavolr description.png
Thrace Strap icon.pngThrace Strap description.png 32x32.png Hasty Pinion +1 icon.pngHasty Pinion +1 description.png
Nahtirah Hat icon.pngNahtirah Hat description.png Clr. Torque +2 icon.pngClr. Torque +2 description.png
Loquac. Earring icon.pngLoquac. Earring description.png Gifted Earring icon.pngGifted Earring description.png
Inyanga Jubbah +2 icon.pngInyanga Jubbah +2 description.png Gende. Gages +1 icon.pngGende. Gages +1 description.png Lebeche Ring icon.pngLebeche Ring description.png Veneficium Ring icon.pngVeneficium Ring description.png
Alaunus's Cape icon.pngAlaunus's Cape description.png
Witful Belt icon.pngWitful Belt description.png Aya. Cosciales +2 icon.pngAya. Cosciales +2 description.png Regal Pumps +1 icon.pngRegal Pumps +1 description.png
80% FastCast6% Quick
25% Haste

Precast Set The majority of guides will indicate a fast cast set, a recast set, a quick cast set and a cure casting time Set to accomplish specific actions. The following set is able to accomplish everything you need in those sets.

Cure Casting Time and Fast Cast all fall under the umbrella of the 80% gear cap. It is a 1% = 1% ratio so since we are able to hit our caps via this gear, we do not need it. That being said, as you build this set you can substitute any pieces of gear to hit your 25% Haste, 80% FC, and Quick Magic caps. Reference: Cronagh on CCT and FC.

I recommend you use this set for precast of all magic, and midcast it for Reraise, Arise/Raise and any other spell that you need to cast as soon as possible that doesn't depend on potency.