Black Ballista chevron

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Black Ballista chevron

Key Item.png Black Ballista chevron
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Type Description
Temporary Key Items Presented only to those black
mages who have displayed
excellence on the Ballista

Must be returned to a Herald
after a set period indicated in
the official Ballista rulebook.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Marshal Various Achieve first place among all Black Mages in a Ballista match.

Chevrons are only able to be held for one earth week. After that, they must be returned before being allowed to participate in another Ballista match.

Used for...
Type of Event Name
Ballista Grants a special title. See Ballista for more details.


Only one Chevron can be obtained at any time. If a player qualifies for more than one Chevron, a decision on which to obtain must be made.