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The regions in question contain areas which are continually being plagued by sporadic outbursts of hostility along perpetually contested borders. Should the incessantly encroaching beasthordes be unequivocally repelled, the lands in dispute will be claimed as territories under Altana. There are several benefits to be reaped once claim is laid to an area, such as an increase in the number of Campaign Ops available, and the number of such benefits will grow in proportion to the amount of land secured.

Moreover, by having "Allied Tags" issued to you by an area's Campaign Arbiter, you may choose to have your campaign battle performance assessed. By doing so you may receive rewards for your service, such as Campaign-specific points, known as "Allied Notes," or even experience points. It is worth noting that experience points will not be lost in the event that a player should die while participating in Campaign.

Joining Campaign Battle

  • Each nation will provide its armed forces with a teleportation service. You must have previously zoned into the area before it will be available to you.
  • The arbiters will not teleport you to a dungeon (Eg: Eldieme, Crawlers' Nest or Garlaige)
  • Speak to an arbiter in town to be transported to a battleground, the following are a list of Arbiters and where to find them:
Southern San d'Oria (S) - Scarlette, C.A. - (H-9)
Windurst Waters (S) - Wenonah, C.A. - (G-10)
Bastok Markets (S) - Narkissa, C.A. - (E-8)
  • You may also choose to reach these areas via other means, such as walking, Retrace, Recall Teleports, or Chocobo rentals.

Allied Tags and the Wartime Icon

For adventurers entering into a contractual agreement with the Allied Forces, “Allied Tags” will become available from Campaign Arbiters. While in possession of an Allied Tag, defeating monsters in Campaign battles will earn a player Allied Notes, as well as guarantee that a player will not lose experience points even if they are defeated. Defeating enemies will not yield experience points, item drops, or skill-ups. During the time that a player has Allied Tags issued up until their performance assessment at the hands of the Campaign Arbiter, the character’s name will be preceded by a sword icon to denote their Campaign participation.

  • From the moment a player acquires Allied Tags from a Campaign Arbiter in an area where a Campaign battle is underway, a wartime icon in the shape of a sword will appear onscreen before the player’s name. The icon will remain throughout the duration of the player’s evaluation.
  • Allied Tags will be lost should a player change areas. This includes using spells like Tractor, and Warp to return to a Home Point even within the current zone.
  • The same wartime icon used to denote Campaign status will be used for Campaign Arbiters as well.
  • For a list of all on field arbiters who will teleport you back to your home nation and cast Allied tag status on you, please click here

Quick Guide

Be sure to check current standing and situation in each campaign battle area before heading off into battle!
Example of campaign map and areas currently active for campaign battle. Sword icons mark areas currently under attack or defending
  • Apply for a position in the army of your choice
  • Once you have joined the force you wish, pull up the campaign map via menu or /cmap
  • Locate areas with the 'sword' icon. Check if the area is already owned by a nation or if its overrun by beastmen. This point will decide your next course of action.
  • Travel to the area you have chosen via the teleport NPCs (listed above) or by foot or by the Cavernous Maws, the choice is up to you
  • A campaign battle in an area owned by a nation signifies a defensive action. This is more solo friendly, as you just need to appear, receive the allied tag from the npcs mentioned above (On field Arbiters) and find your nation's npcs fighting and protect/fight alongside them.
  • A campaign battle in an area overrun by beastmen encourages an offensive action. This can require more team work. Travel to the area you wish to win for your nation and receive the allied tag effect. It is recommended that you form teams with other participants in the areas and raid the enemy stronghold. It is also recommended that you do not just rush in, rather plan your attacks, create distractions and pull as necessary. You may form teams with members of any nation, but if you'd like the area to fall under your nation's influence, it is recommended that you bring an army of fellow residents.
  • Participation in campaign is rewarded with experience points and Allied Notes. You may turn in your allied notes (by speaking to the arbiters again and selecting "Performance assessment") at any time, but usually it's best to just wait for the automatic assessment at the end of the battle.
  • Players may also choose to register for a Union via the Campaign Arbiter. If a player's contributions exceed a certain amount, they will be eligible for spoils. For any Union represented whose combined membership exceeds that amount, a coffer will spawn. Once a member of the Union pops the chest, all registered members of the Union will be able to lot on the spoils via their treasure pool.
  • If a player does not register for a Union, their efforts will randomly be assigned to a Union but they will not be eligible for spoils. This can be witnessed in a Campaign Battle with no other players present. A random Union's coffer will spawn. This random assignment occurs when a player requests a New Allied Tag, so getting repeatedly assigned Allied Tags in a long battle may result in multiple coffers no one is capable of opening.
  • There is no experience loss penalty on death when under the Allied Tag effect
  • There is no limit to the number of campaign you can participate in and no limit on the total amount of exp/allied notes you can earn in a day.
  • Campaign Battle participation will affect your overall presence in your chosen allied force, so the more you participate in, it is theorized that further options in missions will be made available to you.Verification Needed
  • A more in-depth look into how your rewards are effected by your actions during Campaign battle can be found at the Campaign Point Calculation page.

Campaign Battle Allied NPC's and Enemies

In Campaign Battle you will be aided by troops/reinforcements from the nation that owns the region or has the most influence on the region current. These NPCs will battle an invading force. Helping cure these NPCs itself will ensure a successful battle and reward the player with points

Enemies in Campaign will also be distinguished by the presence of the wartime icon preceding their names onscreen. These monsters can be engaged by any players on Campaign, regardless of party or alliance orientation. Defeating them will not yield experience points, items, or crystals.
See Campaign Factions for an overview of the various forces.

Influence Over Areas

The forces of Altana and those of the beastmen are relentlessly vying for influence over the areas of Vana’diel. Indeed, the very state of their fortifications and armaments is dependent upon the number of areas under their control. Both sides enjoy the perks of area control in the same manner, with the greater the number of territories resulting in more powerful benefits for the troops. Each area contains certain NPCs who will teleport a player to the stronghold of the army with which they are affiliated, at the cost of a few Allied Notes. In any given week, should the Beastman Confederate gain control over an area neighboring any of the allied nations, the beastmen will not hesitate to sack the city itself. Conversely, if the Allies hold a zone adjacent to a beastmen stronghold, the area will become subject to campaign battles as well. Weekly on every Sunday zone influence is tallied and decided for the upcoming week (similar to conquest), the side with the most gains the fortification that week.

  • The number of Allied Notes required to use the teleportation feature in uncontrolled areas will be more greater than in controlled areas.
  • The points in each area flying the flag of the nation currently in control are called “strongholds.”
  • The gates in each area positioned near the entrance and exit points are called “checkpoints.”

See How to Gain Influence in Campaign for more information on gaining Influence.

Fortifications, Offensive and Defensive Battles

The dominant side within a zone will hold the areas Fort. Fortifications are where the main focus of all Campaign Battles take place. When beastman hold an area an offensive campaign battle takes place. Victory over the opposition will result in their retreat, which will allow for players to attack the forts themselves directly. If the allies hold the area a defensive campaign battle is waged. Success thus depends upon defending the fortification from enemy attacks. Every area has it's own fort. There are 4 points for each that players can target for attacking (or defending). Most of the time all four points will be located on each side of a main fort structure. In some areas however, they are separate and far away from any main structure. Here is a list of all known fortification points, if less than 4 positions are listed then the main fort itself has more than one point.

Zone Fort Locations
Southern San d'Oria (S) (?-?)(?-?)(?-?)(?-?)
East Ronfaure (S) (H-8)
Jugner Forest (S) (I-8)
Vunkerl Inlet (S) (G-10)
Batallia Downs (S) (J-7)
The Eldieme Necropolis (S) (I-8) Urn stand,(G-6) Urn stand,(E-8) Wall,(G-10) Monument
La Vaule (S) (?-?)(?-?)(?-?)(?-?)
Windurst Waters (S) (?-?)(?-?)(?-?)(?-?)
West Sarutabaruta (S) (H-6) [Enemies approach primarily from the NW corner proceeding SE]
Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) (H-8)
Meriphataud Mountains (S) (E-5)
Sauromugue Champaign (S) (G-6)
Garlaige Citadel (S) (H-7)Storage Rack,(I-8)Storage Rack,(H-8)Hallway wall,(H-6)Hallway wall
Castle Oztroja (S) (I-9)
Bastok Markets (S) (F-8)Fort,(K-9)House,(I-10)Cages
North Gustaberg (S) (D-10)
Grauberg (S) (I-8)
Pashhow Marshlands (S) (K-6)
Rolanberry Fields (S) (J-7)
Crawlers' Nest (S) (I-9)Door,(I-9/J-9)Main room,(J-9)Door,(I-8)Door
Beadeaux (S) (F-9)

Battle Strategies

Naturally, the Kingdom of San d’Oria, the Republic of Bastok, and the Federation of Windurst each have their own unique military policy when it comes to such matters as strategy and reinforcement. These policies are determined and put into practice in accordance with the military aims of each nation for that week, and are apt to change based upon the battle results, influence over areas, and PC actions and assessments from the previous week.

For more information please see the Tactical Assessment page.

Compensation and Rewards

  • Compensation comes in the form of experience points and Allied Notes. How you fare is entirely dependent on your actions during a battle.
  • Any combination of Healing/Enhancing of other players or NPC's under Campaign Status (This is indicated by a sword icon next to their name) along with any damage dealt to enemy beastmen under same status will be rewarded.
  • Rewards are individualy recorded so you can engage enemies with other members in or out of party and complete killing of a monster is not required to score points.
  • Talking to an arbiter and choosing the option to be Assessed will total your efforts and reward you with appropriate Experience Points and Allied Notes. Alternatively, the arbiter will automatically access your effort at the conclusion of a campaign battle.
  • At the starting level (default medal rank), each allied tag will hold a maximum of 600 exp and 600 Allied Notes. The ratio for Notes reward is 50% of total exp earned. So, remember to keep turning in your allied tag as you participate in campaign, as a optimum tag will hold 600 exp and 300 notes (if your points say 600 Notes as well, that means you probably lost an additional 600 exp for that run)
  • As you progress in medal ranks, your capacity for Exp and AN storage will increase with each allied tag. At rank 2 medal, the cap is raised to 700 exp for example. Verification Needed 12/5/07 patch has significantly raised the cap.
  • As level 66 I have recieved over 1400 xp from one assesment.

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