Casting Time Gauge

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  • The Casting Time Gauge appears on the top left corner of the screen when casting a spell.
  • At 75% on the gauge, the spell is effectively complete. Spell casting times provided on spell pages and in SE sourcebooks are the time it takes for a spell to reach 75%.
  • At 80%, the spell's effect will be seen on the buff bar if it's Enhancing Magic, the spell's graphical animation will start on the target.
  • At 100%, the gauge will disappear if the spell is finished casting. Effects that increase the spell casting time can cause the gauge to hold at 100%.
  • The gauge's progress is linear. A spell with a 3 second cast time will reach 75% at 3 seconds and reaches 100% at 4 seconds. A spell with a 10.5 second cast time will reach 75% at 10.5 seconds and 100% at 14 seconds.

Casting Time Down

  • The Casting Time Gauge progress bar is based on the spell's unmodified casting time.
  • For example, a Fire III spell (3 second cast time) with BLM90's Elemental Celerity (-30% cast time) will take 2.1 seconds. The progress bar will still be 100% at 4 seconds, so the cast will finish at 52.5%.

Spell Delay

  • Spells cause a 3 second JA Delay where spells, abilities, and items can't be used. This delay starts from the time the spell finishes its cast (75% on the gauge).
    • Since this delay is static, the gauge's 100% portion isn't an indication of when abilities can be used.
  • For spells with a casting time longer than 3 seconds, it's possible to cast your next spell before the casting gauge reaches 100% from the previous spell.
  • Example : Fire IV (5s cast time) w/ 80% Spell Casting Time Down
Fire IV w/ 80% FC
Event Time Percent on Gauge
Spell starts 0s 0%
Cast completes 1s 15%
Spell effects start 1.33s 20%
Next action possible (delay ends) 4s 60%
Casting gauge completes 6.66s 100%