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Dial Keys are a type of item that allows a player to open certain "Dials" on the Gobbie Mystery Box without spending their Daily Tally.

Keys commonly stack to 99, and may be used at any time without restrictions.

Keys are usually distributed during Adventurer Campaigns, with the exception of the SP Gobbie Key which is primarily purchased with Unity Accolades.

Types of Keys

There are four types of keys, as detailed below.

Name Date Added Reward
SP Gobbie Key October 7th, 2014 Any 50 Point Gobbie Mystery Box item.
Dial Key #Ab February 10th, 2016 Any Abjuration.
Dial Key #ANV July 5th, 2017 Any SP Gobbie Key as well as any battle content drop.
E.g. Omen Bodies or Tartarus Platemail.
Dial Key #Fo May 10th, 2018 Any "sack" based currency.
E.g. Linen Coin Purse or Heavy Metal Pouch.
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