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Unlike a normal Earth week, Vana'diel week consists of 8 days that progresses in the following order:

Darksday >> Firesday >> Earthsday >> Watersday >> Windsday >> Iceday >> Lightningday >> Lightsday


  • Though there is no 'official' start of the week, seems common to perceive that Darksday is similar to Earth Sunday and Firesday is Earth Monday.
  • As you noticed, each day has its own Elemental properties, and it is widely believed that due to this elemental connection, magic casting, crafting, gathering and other similar activities will receive bonuses in yield of all types if done on the 'right' day. Please refer to the Crafting Section for more information on how elemental days effect crafting. Please refer to the Spells Section for more information on elemental day effect on spells.
  • Some common believes on the affect of each day on specific activities and affects:
  • Darksday for crafting - Crafting HQ and Skill Up
  • Lightsday for crafting - Crafting success, Item Drop Increase during hunts, works with Full Moon
  • The 8 Elemental Days for spells- Affects all specific elemental based spells, for example: Firesday affects fire based spells in a positive manner but create extra resists for Ice based spells.
  • The 6 Elemental Days for crafting - Crafting with a crystal that matches the current elemental day will yield more success, but not HQ or skill ups. Crafting with a crystal that's weaker to the current elemental day will yield more HQ and skill up. For example: On Firesday, crafting with a Fire Crystal will yield no failures. Switching to an Ice Crystal synth yields more HQ results.
  • Elemental days 'do not' flow in the order of their weakness or strengths. The following is the actual cycle:
  • Fire > Ice > Wind > Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire
  • Light > Dark > Light

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