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Note: added possibly Ice/Earth element (from FFXIAH thread) to the Floor A Shard/Metal objectives. Completed a run today where Red Lotus Blade/Leaden Salute/Seraph Blade, or fire magic burst, did not proc either objective. Newer information made this outdated - Magic only kills suspected rather than specific element (Khimeria of Asura - sorry I tried to tag this comment properly but I failed!) 01:51, 19 August 2022 (EDT)

Got The Shard chest after 3 Fire Elemental kills upon entry after 5min in zone~.

09:17:17[Player] 21478 Fire V Abject Acuex

09:17:17Player defeats the Abject Acuex.

09:17:18#A treasure coffer status report: 1/7 #?: 0/1.

09:17:22Limit chain #2! Player gains 10500 limit points.

09:17:22Master chain #2! Player gains 62 exemplar points.

09:17:34You obtain the temporary item: Ra'Kaznar shard #A!

09:17:34Player received 100 gallimaufry for a total of 7269.

Wota (talk) 05:14, 20 August 2022 (EDT)

Using only Fire nukes in the south Abject Acuex Camp from zone in. 3 mobs to get Chest with Shard A. 5th kill is 5 kill A Chest. and 6th is the Metal A.

09:20:08 [Player1] 18646 Fire III ¨ Abject ?Acuex

09:20:08 Player1 defeats the Abject Acuex.


09:21:16 [Player1] 24231 Fire IV ¨ Abject ?Acuex

09:21:16 Player1 defeats the Abject Acuex.


09:22:32 [Player1] 11829 Fire III Abject Acuex

09:22:32 Player1 defeats the Abject Acuex.

09:22:32 #A treasure coffer status report: 1/7 #?: 0/1.

09:22:38 You obtain the temporary item: Ra'Kaznar shard #A!

09:22:38 Player1 received 100 gallimaufry for a total of 1458.

09:24:26 [Player1] 31822 Fire V Abject ?Acuex 09:24:27 Player1 defeats the Abject Acuex.


09:25:38 [Player1] 25294 Fire IV Abject ?Acuex

09:25:38 Player1 defeats the Abject Acuex.

09:25:39 #A treasure coffer status report: 2/7 #?: 0/1.

09:25:44 Player1 received 100 gallimaufry for a total of 1630.


09:26:35 [Player1] 16569 Fire III Abject Acuex

09:26:35 Player1 defeats the Abject Acuex.

09:26:36 #A treasure coffer status report: 3/7 #?: 0/1.

09:26:41 You obtain the temporary item: Sheet of Ra'Kaznar metal #A!

09:26:41 Player1 received 100 gallimaufry for a total of 1760.

There are some oddities tho, the earlier test I posted I was meleeing them down to 10% before Magic Kill. But I was using Enfire and only doing Magic Ws, But could only get Chest #A3 Shard.

Wota (talk) 05:14, 20 August 2022 (EDT)

Casket #B1 did not drop after 5 fire elemental kills. There must be more to it.

Demisang Deleterious links with nearby Fomors (not surprising). I don't think the Demisang Fomors in the back of the big room at F-7/F-8 (Composite Map) are in a party like the group at D-11 (Composite Map) because only the one nearest linked when I pulled it.

I've killed Ghatjot twice, and both times I only killed 5-6 Abject Acuex and the Leech NM beforehand. I have not noticed any damage spikes like some are reporting. I'm not sure there's a correlation between Leeches/Hecteyes killed and Ghatjot tp move power. Adding this comment to Ghatjot's page as well.

Kvasta (talk) 12:55, 21 August 2022 (EDT)

Because someone on the AH Forums is Spreading FUD, and seems to think that this is all just made up:

Not killing any Hecteyes causes Fetid Eddies to hit for 99999 Damage for no apparent reason other than not having killed any of the hecteyes. we had All key items from zone A, and the only mobs we didnt fully kill were the hecteyes. nothing else in this run f'd us up.

20:18:06The Ghatjot uses Clobbering Wave.�Dunpeel takes 2190 points of damage.
20:18:06[2] [Dunpeel] 1739 hit ¨ Ghatjot
20:18:06[Ghatjot] Fetid Eddies ¨ Dunpeel
20:18:06[Ghatjot] 99999 Fetid Eddies ¨ Dunpeel
20:18:06Dunpeel was defeated by the Ghatjot.
20:18:06Dunpeel hits the Ghatjot for 1739 points of damage.
20:18:06Raczo hits the Ghatjot for 409 points of damage.

Editing the A objective for Shard/Metal:

I believe magic kills are a requirement, but you can absolutely do at least non-WS physical damage. I killed 3 in a row with only auto-attacks, nothing close to the damage limit being reported and didn't get it the chest. But as soon as I added in spamming T1s and Ninjutsu ele wheel, and made sure magic was the killing blow, it reliably dropped.

I've obtained 3 sets of these

  1. - BLU cleave - Magic Only - 20k dmg tops per spell?
  2. - SCH SC -> MB from SCH NIN GEO -> I'd be surprised if some weren't killed with a large MB but I can't remember for sure
  3. - Physical damage from auto attacks and low ele damage, magic killing blow

Next run I'm going to do a WS on the first enemy and then magic kill, then kill 2 more with only white/magic damage. If that works it must just require a magic damage kill.

--Kvasta (talk) 00:26, 23 August 2022 (EDT)

A objectives update:

You can WS them. They have to be killed with Magic. Still unknown if there's a damage limit on the killing blow but for sure you can drop big MB on them to get them low.

I got Casket #A1 in 4 kills, and I had to double check bc it has been 5 kills known for a while, but it was indeed only 4 kills.

I killed the 1st 3 with magic kills, using white damage and MB to get them low, got Chest #A3, then on the 4th I opened with a Fudo to test the no WS theory, then got it low w Scholar SC MB and killed with magic. It dropped the Casket #A1, and then I killed 2 more the same way and got Chest #A4. Not sure why some are getting in 5 and I randomly got it in 4 this time, this was the first time it dropped in 4.

I also left the Shard/Metal chests on the ground as I already had the temp items, went and killed boss, and then opened them and got the temps again. The boss did not respawn, so you can't fight them twice in one run even doing that.

Again Ghatjot did not do any extreme damage to me, 3/3, with 0 leeches and 0 hecteyes killed, and only enough Acuex killed for objectives. This was also the first run I did not kill the Leech NM 1st.

Trusts can fulfill Chest #A2 objective if you pull a monster down to the device. Funkworkz (talk) 23:36, 25 August 2022 (EDT)

B objectives update:

Got Casket #B1 on 4th mob doing Leaden > AE > Leaden. 2nd mob trust kept pulling hate and loosing tp so took like 4 + WS, and AE was hitting adds. There has to be more to this. Needing mythic COR or RNG to pull this off sounds pretty bad, also seems pretty random if its going to work like has to be done in timely manner or if fail to many just wont ever get it or has to be 30k + and 3 or less WS total? Chest #B3 and #B4 seems to always come on 5th and 10th mob if was WS kill? Pretty hard to not WS kill because daggers do like 50 to 100 dmg. Could try BLU cleave next time.

--Rrice (talk) 10:56, 27 August 2022 (EDT)

Seems to be time based, like 5 min after opening gate B? physical and hybrid do count and not limited to only 3 WS, maybe 5 WS.

--Rrice (talk) 06:56, 2 September 2022 (EDT)

C objectives update:

Fire kill on Bhoot NM did not drop Coffer #C.

--Kvasta (talk) 13:31, 23 August 2022 (EDT)

Killed Bhoot before aggroing anything in C then Killed with only wildfire + dark sc and no Coffer #C. Possibly have to kill with out aggroing anything in C and do 5 to 10 other objectives.

--Rrice (talk) 10:32, 27 August 2022 (EDT)

Relevant B Data Confirmed -

1. 3 Weaponskill kills on biune foes (any damage type or amount)
2. 5 Total weaponskill kills on biune foes (any damage type or amount)
3. 710 total Weaponskill kills on biune foes with damage greater than 15k of any type or ammount. Skill chain kills do not count.

Summary: Ranger trueflight, or Corsair leaden salute is the most appropriate way to deal with this objective. can clear all B kill trials with 7 elemental kills in total this way. Edit: Further testing and review has undermined objective 1 and 2's accuracy. i believe it is now simply kill 5 biune foes with weaponskills, kill 5 more biune foes with weaponskills, and kill 3 biune foes using 3 elemental weaponskills.

--HidekaValheim (talk) 09:59, 26 August 2022 (EDT)

B Objectives

I got the shard and metal today, each in 5 kills, doing SAM Self SC to GEO/SCH/NIN MBs. I did not WS kill.

--Kvasta (talk) 12:35, 24 August 2022 (EDT)

C Key Objective:

I didn't record my run, so I can't prove it with anything, but I got the C key by transporting to device C, opening gate C3 and then gate C2.

This is contrary to the current page info which says you have to open a locked #B gate and then C1 gate. I didn't open a locked #B gate at all, nor C1 specifically. Worth some confirmation from someone who's got the time. -- 00:57, 26 August 2022‎ Sfxsigma

Upon further testing - Casket B1 Objective Appears to be "perform three Non-Physical Weaponskills on Three Biune Foes". We used a Samurai, ninja, and corsair in an attempt to replicate our high damage kills giving the B1 Casket, but could not get it to spawn in over 20 15k+ Kills, and got it to spawn in 3 kills on 3 separate nights using leaden/trueflight in the upper 60k's. On both nights we had massive killshots from 30%+ HP without a skillchain, but only got Casket B1 on one of the two nights. Upon further inspection of the logs from those nights, and a few others - it appears on all of the nights where we received casket B1 - we had done at least three elemental (or requiescat), weaponskills on the targets prior to killing them without skillchaining on them.

I believe that the method for getting casket B1 to spawn, is to perform three elemental or breath damage weaponskills on three biune foes.

Update: Just attempted this objective as a bard, with only healing trusts. no enfeebling, no debuffing, nothing else in the mix. Killing 20 elementals with JUST aeolian edge did NOT produce the coffer. no aeolians hit for more than 7k damage. if this objective is in fact 3x elemental ws on three targets, there may be a tertiary requirement for damage of a certian level. Will need to test again to confirm if Damage, or No skill chains, are a requirement of the objective.

--HidekaValheim (talk) 09:53, 26 August 2022 (EDT)

Was able to obtain casket A1 using Purely auto attacks - no enfeelbing magic, no weaponskills, no elemental magic. 5 purely auto attack kills produced casket A1. Have previously confirmed able to get A5 with purely nukes no enfeebling.

Knowing that Casket A1 can be produced using Magic, and auto attacks only, means if you can get it with weaponskills being done, it is a plain old kill 5 objective.

--HidekaValheim (talk) 12:53, 26 August 2022 (EDT)

Chest C1

This objective seems to be either/or. Either open 2 C gates or open gate C1 w/o killing/aggro.Mikumaru (talk) 09:23, 27 August 2022 (EDT)

Chests A3 and A4

The only way I have been able to get these to appear is by killing with Magic Damage/ DOT, Exclusively. Any kind of melee damage has not allowed completion. Helix DOT and/or nuking them down, both with or without SCH SCs has yielded chests every time its tried.Mikumaru (talk) 09:28, 27 August 2022 (EDT)

Major NM

NM's tp moves have different effects cant use transcludesection or their page.
With metal Nullifying Rain = just dmg and poison?
Cesspool = just dmg and poison?
Clobbering Wave = no knocback?
With no metal poison becomes Taint and can not remove.
Possibly also have normal effects with out metal?

--Rrice (talk) 19:06, 27 August 2022 (EDT)

Casket #H2

We were killing all Fomors and when we killed the last Paladin it dropped the chest. Thinking it's kill all of one job.

Svedin (talk) 15:23, 29 October 2022 (EDT)