Central Temenos - 4th Floor II

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Central Temenos - 4th Floor II
 Accessed From:  Holla Crag Dimensional Portal => Al'Taieu (H-4)
 Required to Access:
 Reward for Win:

Two of the following:

Chance for:

Limbus Zone Overview
  • Arch-Ultima must be defeated in order to win this Limbus area.
  • Time limit is 30 minutes, no time extensions.
  • Chip traded for entry will become dim and cannot be used again.

Limbus Zone Notes
  • Arch-Ultima is the only enemy in this zone, in the northernmost room (see Arch-Ultima for battle information).
    • Upon defeat, an Armoury Crate will be spawned in the center of the area which will end the run once opened.
  • This fight can be completed by 6 Summoners using the merit Blood Pact: Rages, which bypass Energy and Mana Shields.
Limbus Area Map