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Location: Eastern Adoulin - (F-9) (Inside the Scouts' Coalition)
Type: Other NPC
Description: Offers intelligence on Ergon Loci


  • Chamulele's reports indicate the relevant amount players have surveyed each Ergon Locus by area. The progress of the surveys reported effect the strength of the various Ergon Locus Tinctures sold by the Inventor's Coalition NPC Rienne.
  • Ergon Locus research levels have a degradation rate much like Colonization and Bivouacs, it is not static once completed. It requires maintenance.
  • In order of least to most survey progress, Chamulele's reports the following:

Level 0 - have yet to be conducted
Level 1 - have just begun
Level 2 - have started gathering steam
Level 3 - are progressing splendidly
Level 4 - have progressed to a great degree
Level 5 - have come exceptionally far

[Labeling of levels are implied but not stated directly as "level 1" etc.]