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Do you need technical assistance for Final Fantasy XI, PlayOnline services, or your Square-Enix Account?

English Account Assistance Phone Number: 1-858-790-7529
Alternate English Account Assistance Phone Number: 1-310-846-0345

  • The alternate phone number reaches the same department.
Headquarters is in California, USA (all times are for Pacific Time)
Available from Monday through Friday: 9 am ~ 6 pm

Online Form Assistance:

Square-Enix Account Service Help Form
Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline Service Help Form
Special Task Force Form for Reporting Cheating
Special Task Force Form for Reporting RMT
Official Forum Link for Reporting In Game Bugs

GM Icon.png In Game Assistance:

For assistance in game, please place a call to a GM.
GMs exist as characters in the game and they assist customers with various issues, such as when customers are stuck in game geometry or when they are being harassed by another person.
You may place a call for a GM by selecting Help Desk from the main menu, selecting Help Desk again, then selecting from the menu's list of problems that best fits your issue and then fill out the in game form to file a call.
GM Help Desk2.jpgGM Help Desk1.jpg

Information regarding GM Item Recovery services.