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  • Suicide Bombing is not, I repeat, NOT all that unusual. It's pretty much a valid human response to a unusually stressful situation.


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  • How about you just give me you address and I will drive to your house and beat your ass....
  • Naw, those are the people who would rather flame that just answer a question. I'm dead serious about driving to you mom's house to beat your asses, I'm tired of all you pussys who love to flame because you know your safe in your mommys home....
  • See you in about 15hrs


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  • I'm expecting to be re-banned. I make alot of waves. However......300 views in less than an hour is half the reason those 300 clicked it. I entertain and always will. And now I'm just not afraid to confront certain things. The same reason I was banned is the same reason I'll confront Ivve's boyfriends (Royal/Creeps) and Alleya. I won't hide my opinion to be cool....
  • I said what everyone was thinking Alleya. I was a maytr for the thousands who remember what made BG famous - and it wasn't you, Septimus, Rocl or Sonoma. It was the thieving, "cocksucking", etc. people you should respect.
  • I stand behind the real BlueGarter. The Real BG killed Nidhogg before any NA team did, they killed Vrtra before anyone else, they killed Tiamet and made not only the first D. Harness but a fucking HQ version (Liltwin). God damn it people. Recognize that Lawnchair/BG were the reason we're even talking right now.
  • If I haven't heard of em[Gameover or Lunarians], most havent either and fuck em. Thats the point. Though I disagree, BG was argueably the first to do almost everything on the NA side, and more importantly to draw in the end game player base. You can argue it if you want, but I'll tell you something - I've never been on any site involving those 2 groups, or even fuckin heard of em -- yet me and you are talking are we? Fuck em
  • They way they split is irrevelant. They still accomplished the majority of the reasons BG is famous to this day and the current BG doesn't seem to recognize that.


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