Dark Legacy

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Dark Legacy
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: NA
Level Restriction: Level 40+ Dark Knight
Starting NPC Raibaht - Metalworks (G-8)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description You have been asked to find and bring back a book pertaining to the Galka's darksteel formula.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Blade of Darkness Dark Puppet
Raven Scythe


Map of Giddeus
  • Speak with Raibaht to start quest.
  • Speak with Mighty Fist in Metalworks (G-9) (inside the forge) and you will receive a key item: Letter from the Darksteel Forge
  • Travel to Windurst Waters and speak to Cochal-Monchal (F-8) (North Map - Optistery)
  • Obtain a Yagudo Cherry from either a vendor or the auction house.
  • Travel to Giddeus and head towards H-14 on the map. Please follow directions on the map pictured here, follow the arrows which points the direction to fall when your journey is hampered by a ledge.
  • This next action will spawn a NM: Vaa Huja the Erudite which will link with other Yagudos in the area, so you may want to clear the area and prep before doing so. Once you have reached H-14, locate the ??? and trade the Yagudo Cherry to it.
  • Defeat the NM and click on the ??? again. You will obtain a key item: "Darksteel Formula"
  • Return to Metalworks and speak with Mighty Fist again.
  • Return to Raibaht and speak with him to complete quest.