Earthen Armor

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Blood Pact Information
Avatar: Earth-SMN-Icon.gifTitanTitan
Level Obtained: 82
Description: Mitigates the impact of severely damaging attacks for party members within area of effect.
Blood Pact Type: Blood Pact: Ward
MP Cost: 156
Base Duration: 00:01:00
Command: /pet "Earthen Armor" <me>


  • Reduces any single action that would have taken over 75% of your maximum HP by 45%.
    • Multi-hit monster attacks do not count as a single action and will only proc if the individual hits exceed 75% of your character's HP, so it is still possible to be one-shotted by a multi-hit attack.
  • Stacks with Sentinel's Scherzo
    • The total cap from all sources for this reduction is -95%.