Empty Hopes

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Battlefield Information
Type: Kindred Crest Notorious Monster
Entry Item: Phobos Orb
Zone: Spire of Holla
Level Cap: Uncapped
Participants 6
Time Limit 15 minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Recollector Check.gif Receptacle N/A 1
Constant Wanderer Eks.gif Wanderer N/A 12
Hollow Earth Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Hollow Water Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Hollow Air Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Hollow Darkness Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Hollow Light Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Hollow Fire Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Hollow Ice Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Hollow Thunder Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Futile Thinker Eks.gif Thinker WAR 1

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
Drachenstich Polearm Distant Memory
Harfner's Sash Waist Distant Memory
Vile Elixir +1 Medicine Distant Memory
Ebony Log Item Distant Memory
Darksteel Ore Item Distant Memory
Chrysoberyl Item Distant Memory
Knight's Minne V (Scroll) Song Distant Memory
Raxa Item Distant Memory
Smooth Sheep Leather Item Distant Memory


  • Easily soloed with 99WAR/DNC, and most likely any 99 job. Kill everything except the Recollector to gain memories.
  • Constant Wanderers do not agro at 99(even to resting) and did not link.
  • Defeating the Recollector will end the battle. AOE weaponskills or spells will quickly kill the Recollector(2x Fell Cleave will kill it).
  • Do not AOE near the Recollector unless at least 10,000 memories(periodically displays current amount in chat log) have been gained or the battle ends with no reward.
  • Constant Wanderers yield 10~200 memories each, with an additional bonus 800 for defeating every ~20.
  • Hollow elementals yield additional memories and will randomly Firaga the Constant Wanderers when defeated, which will also add to memories gained.
  • Futile Thinkers yield the most memories by far - a multiple of 3950, based on how long the battle has gone on for (3950, 7900, 11850, etc.). They also have far more HP than any other monsters present, and may prove somewhat challenging to fight while being attacked by many other monsters. This issue is irrelevant at level 99.
  • The target memory amount is at least 10,000. For example; reward not received when the Recollector was killed with 9,890 memories, but was received with 10,190 memories. All players are rewarded with one Distant Imprint, and the orb user has a chance at additionally receiving an Distant Reminiscence.
    • Imprints and reminiscences can be redeemed for a random prize from the list above at Shami.