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Items and Equipment Related to the Far North

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In Game References to the Far North

Grauberg (S) Stone Monument : "The Gigas wore a number of round shields hanging from their waists, of curiously small proportion to their size. My thoughts ran to the vikings rumored to inhabit the islands in the northern ocean."

Ferreous Coffin is a priest said to be from the Far North.

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Other Related Information

Vana'diel Tribune: The Wide World of Vana'diel:

"What's up north?"

"The Orcish Empire and the islands where the Gigas live."

"Orcs and Gigas seem sooo clueless! How can anyone be so dumb?"

Wings of the Goddess Gnole Info :

"Some have gone so far as to speculate that the gnoles are the former Vikings of the northlands, their bodies contorted by dark sorcery."

ElmerthePointy's FFXI Gigas Lore Translations:

  • "Commissioned by the Shadow Lord, these humongous beastmen traveled from islands in the North as mercenaries"
  • "Jotunn are a smaller tribe that hail from even farther north than Gigas. To protect against the cold, they wear fur around their waist and as socks. They come from frigid areas where it snows all year round, which has given their body a pale blue color."
  • "It is customary for Gigas to take the shields from heroes they defeat and hang them from their hip. Why are there so many wooden Round Shields though? According to Hume legend, there lives a clan of Vikings, far to the north. They are said to have strength in battle that rivals the Gigas themselves and the theory is that those round shields once belonged to that heroic clan."

Allakhazam Interview Regarding Viking :

"There were a lot of jobs we were proud of that ended up being cut for various reasons. One of them that we were thinking about having was a Viking job."