Forging New Bonds

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Forging New Bonds
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Octavien, Eastern Adoulin (I-8)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Scour the lands for a capable blacksmith who can fashion a sword worthy of displaying at the Order of Orvail's traditional ceremony.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Endeavoring to Awaken Legacies Lost and Found


  • Zone and come back to speak with Octavien after finishing the last quest. He is in Eastern Adoulin at (I-8) near the Sverdhried Hillock waypoint.
    • You no longer need to be a Rune Fencer after this point.
  • (Optional) Speak with Gaddiux at Inventors' Coalition in Western Adoulin (J-10) on the blacksmith's whereabouts.
  • Check the Inconspicuous Barrel in Western Adoulin (I-4), in the alley near the Adoulin Waterfront waypoint. Yestin-Ovestin appears on the wall during a cutscene, and asks for a Rune saber and a Frost-encrusted flame gem.
  • (Optional) Return to Octavien for additional dialogue.
  • Check the Tomato Vantage Point in the Arboretum in Rala Waterways (E-10) (closest access is from the entrance near Western Adoulin's Mog house) for a cutscene with Jerra Ndala.
  • Go to Moh Gates and trade an Ifritite to the Molten Rift at (K-8) for a cutscene, where you will lose the Flask of fruiserum.
    • Morimar Frontier Station waypoint is the fastest way to Moh Gates.
    • You must go through a Colonization Reive @ I-7.
  • Check the Molten Rift again to spawn the NM Staumarth.
    • Fight is Soloable by a 118 RUN/DNC using Trusts. See the Talk page for Information.
      • It takes a very long time to kill this as RUN because it resists every form of damage except Thunder and it spams Spectral Floe or Scouring Spate (up to 30 seconds Terror or removes on piece of gear) Recommended to have gear sets made.
    • You do not need to be a Rune Fencer for the fight.
    • The surrounding Apex Efts are non-aggressive.
    • Upon defeating it, you will get the Frost-encrusted flame gem Key Item.
    • If you call for help you don't get the key item.
  • Check the Inconspicuous Barrel in Western Adoulin (I-4) for a cutscene, where you will lose the Rune saber and Frost-encrusted flame gem key items.
  • Check the Inconspicuous Barrel after one game day has passed. There will be a note instructing you to talk to Octavien.
  • Talk with Octavien to receive the Beorc Sword.
  • Note: Completing this quest allows the player to commission the three non-quested pieces of Rune Fencer artifact armor from the Tomato Vantage Point at (E-10) Rala Waterways. Western Adoulin Mog House is closest entrance.