Full Cure

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Description: Consumes all MP. Restores target's HP and cures status ailments. Afflatus Solace: Grants the effect of "Stoneskin."
Type: White Magic Skill: Healing Magic
Target: Single Element: Element: Light
Casting Time: 1.5 seconds Recast Time: 180 seconds
Cost: All MP
Range: 20'
Cumulative Enmity: - C - Volatile Enmity: - C -
Command: /ma "Full Cure" <t> Job Points
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Job Point Gift Level
WHM 1200


  • When Full Cure consumes at least 30 MP, it can cure the below ailments (The same ones as the Job Ability “Benediction”)
Sleep*/Poison*/Paralyze*/Blind*/Silence*/Petrify*/Disease*/Curse*/Bind*/Gravity*/Slow*/Addle/Intimidate/Kaustra/Mute*/Plague*/Bane*/Burn/Frost/Frost /Rasp/Shock/Drown/Dia/Bio/Flash/STR Down/DEX Down/VIT Down/AGI Down/INT Down/MND Down/CHR Down/HP Max Down/MP Max Down/ TP Max Down/Inhibit TP/Critical Hit Evasion Down/Accuracy Down/Attack Down/Evasion Down/Defense Down/Magic Accuracy Down/Magic Attack Down/Magic Evasion Down/Magic Defense Down/Helix/Gambit/Inundation/Quickstep/Box Step/Stutter Step/Feather Step
*Cannot be cured when from certain enemies
    • Is subject to dark day/weather penalty and may not fully heal a target.