HP recovered while healing

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When resting by default players recover 10 hp per tick.

Known Effects of Statistic

  • Having Signet active will add an additional amount per tick in area's covered. In this condition the base recovery rate increases 3 HP every 10 levels (11, 21, 31 etc) while adding an increases of 1 HP per tick for every 300 maximum HP, capping at +5 with Max HP of >1200. Verification Needed

  • Base hHP with Signet would be ((Player level/10)*3)T + (T(T+(Max Player HP/300))/T) before 1200 HP. Verification Needed

(Needs testing to see if rounded up or down)

  • After >1200 HP the hHP would be ((Player level/10)*3)+5T Verification Needed

Where T = # of Ticks


Equipment modifications
 Vagabond's Tunica :  HP recovered while healing +1