Im. Tea Leaves

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Im. Tea Leaves icon.png Clump of Imperial tea leaves
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Description: This top-quality tea is a specialty of Aht Urhgan.
Image: Im. Tea Leaves description.png
Type: Item
Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box
Stack size: 12
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Food ➞ Ingredients
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Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Green Thumb Moogle Mog Garden 4,800 Gil

Requires Karakul memento from Monster Rearing

Used in the following Synthesis & Synergy Recipes
Item Main Craft Level
Black Ink Alchemy 4
Black Ink Alchemy 5
Green Textile Dye Alchemy 29
Chai Cooking 57
Date Tea Cooking 105
Karakul Leather Leathercraft 12
Marid Leather Leathercraft 76
Cerberus Leather Leathercraft 81

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