Jade stratum abyssite II

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Jade stratum abyssite II

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Type Description
Temporary Key Items A richly hued geode shaped like a six-pointed star, carried by all who seek to participate in Voidwatch operations at planar rifts. Its exact properties far beyond layman comprehension, it is said to feed off the energies of slain Voidwalkers to take on heightened powers...
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Atmacite Refiner (Windurst) Windurst Waters (G-5) Free
Atmacite Refiner (Windurst (S)) Windurst Waters (S) (G-5) Free
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Battlefield Voidwatch Ops.


  • Evolved from Jade stratum abyssite after defeating Virvatuli and Pancimanci.
    • To evolve the stratum abyssite, speak to one of the above Atmacite Refiners and choose the "Have stratum abyssite examined." option.
  • Allows bearer to spawn Ogbunabali as well as monsters from the earlier Jade stratum abyssites.

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