Kupo Mission 9

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Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love
Series None
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description A dire development! Your moogle partner's betrothed, the fair Kupiruru, has been kidnapped by Toto's band of hoodlums! Make haste for the Chamber of Oracles to save the moogle maiden from a frightening fate!
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Lender Beware! Read the Fine Print Roar! A Cat Burglar Bares Her Fangs


Western Altepa Desert.jpg Quicksand Caves-map5.jpg

  • Speak to the Goblin Geologist at (J-11), he will ask you to gather 9 Key Items from ??? spots scattered around the Quicksand Caves.
  • The Goblin will mark the locations on your map, so if you do not possess a Key Item Map of the Quicksand Caves you will be unable to proceed with the mission. The markers will appear in the green Markers section.
    • Due to the markers being saved locally and being random from a select pool of options it is advisable to finish the mission on the same PC you started this step in, in one go, or to make a backup/upload of the data.
    • The markers do not clear after being collected so make sure to remember the ones you already got or you'll have to check them all again.
    • You can use the "Change Map" option to check the green Markers in other maps and plan which entrances you may need to use.
  • The following entrances can contain the needed ???:

Western Altepa Desert:

  • (G-5) Entrance 6 to Quicksand Caves Map 5
  • (J-9) Entrance 2 to Quicksand Caves Map 3,x Map 4
    • Map 4 can be reached by going to (D-11) on Map 3, exit C.

Western Altepa Desert.jpg Quicksand Caves-map3.jpg
Quicksand Caves-map4.jpg
Eastern Altepa Desert:

  • (K-7) Entrance 1 to Quicksand Caves Map 1
  • (H-10) Entrance 4 to Quicksand Caves Map 2

Eastern Altepa Desert - Map.jpg Quicksand Caves-map1.jpg
Quicksand Caves-map2.jpg

  • These can require multiple one-way drops to reach, you should consider having an easy way to return to Eastern Altepa Desert such as Teleport-Altep and Instant Warp to get out of the maps/fix mistakes as needed, unless you want to walk through the maps.
    • The Quicksand Caves Home Point #2 can be useful for some of these, as it brings you on Map 1 just outside of the Cloister of Tremors, also conveniently near Exit 3. Consider grabbing it on the way if you don't have it.
  • Once you return to the Goblin Geologist with all nine stones, you will receive a Key Item Navaratna talisman.
  • Enter the Chamber of Oracles and examine the Shimmering Circle for the cutscene that completes this mission.
    • Home Point #1 just outside the Chamber of Oracles. It's a great time to unlock it if you don't have it already.
    • If you have completed the Open Sesame quest for the Key Item Loadstone or you're a Galka, you can use the pressure pads to make your way to the Chamber of Oracles solo. Otherwise, you would need to stand on the pressure pads with other players (Trusts do not count): 3 Tarutaru or any combination of 2 of Hume/Elvaan/Mithra.
    • Path from Goblin Geologist to Chamber of Oracles:
      • Go to (I-9) and step on the weight pad and go through the door.
      • Go west to (H-7) and use another weight pad to pass through a door.
      • In the next room, drop down the hole to a hidden area.
      • Head to (D-4) to zone in to the Chamber of Oracles.


  • None of the ??? require using the weight switches to open any door, but it is recommended you do the Open Sesame quest for the Key Item Loadstone if you haven't attuned to Quicksand Caves Home Point #1 and #2 as it a convenient time to do this.