Kupon A-E +2

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Kupon A-E +2 icon.png Mog Kupon A-E+2
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Description: A prize redemption coupon from the Mog Bonanza event. Issued by the Mog House Management Union (MHMU). Tradeable for Empyrean equipment +2.
Image: Kupon A-E +2 description.png
Type: Item
Flags: Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive
Stack size: 99
"Find Kupon A-E +2 on FFXIAH" "Find Kupon A-E +2 on FFXIDB"

Obtained From...
Special Event Notes
Mog Bonanza Past and/or Present Rank 3 prize choice


This Kupon can be redeemed for one of the following Empyrean Armor +2 sets.
Inventory Kupon Key Item Variant
Kupon A-E+2 Mog Kupon A-E+2
Prize Selections
Ravager's Armor Set +2 Raider's Attire Set +2
Sylvan Attire Set +2 Mavi Attire Set +2
Tantra Attire Set +2 Creed Armor Set +2
Unkai Armor Set +2 Navarch's Attire Set +2
Orison Attire Set +2 Bale Armor Set +2
Iga Garb Set +2 Cirque Attire Set +2
Goetia Attire Set +2 Ferine Armor Set +2
Lancer's Armor Set +2 Charis Attire Set +2
Estoqueur's Armor Set +2 Aoidos' Attire Set +2
Caller's Attire Set +2 Savant's Attire Set +2