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Maneuvers are used to control Automatons and interact with their attachments. Each Maneuver (except Dark) grants a bonus to your Automaton's stats that match its element, but also gives a few degrees of "burden" for that element.

As you build up burden and pass the overload threshold, there is a chance that you will Overload, which wipes all active Maneuvers and prevents their use for a certain period of time. Maneuvers each last for for a base of 60 seconds, increasing by 1 tic increments until a cap of 5 minutes, or unless consumed by certain attachments. See below for more details.

Maneuver Stat and Attachment Affinities

Maneuver Name Stat Typical Attachment Boosts
Fire Maneuver v2.png Fire Maneuver STR Physical Attack
Earth Maneuver v2.png Earth Maneuver VIT Physical Defense
Water Maneuver v2.png Water Maneuver MND Magic Defense
Wind Maneuver v2.png Wind Maneuver AGI Evasion/Haste
Ice Maneuver v2.png Ice Maneuver INT Magic Attack/Magic Accuracy
Thunder Maneuver v2.png Thunder Maneuver DEX Accuracy
Light Maneuver v2.png Light Maneuver CHR HP Recovery
Dark Maneuver v2.png Dark Maneuver N/A MP Recovery

Maneuver Duration

Maneuvers have a base duration of 60 Seconds (1 minute) when deployed; the duration increasing by 3 seconds every tic the automaton is Deployed on a target, to an ultimate maximum of 300 Seconds (5 Minutes).

This maneuver duration boost is reset any time the automaton would be Inactive: Zoning, Deactivate, Death.

Stat Boost

The boost given by using Maneuvers follows the equations:

Stat Boost = floor( Puppetmaster Level ÷ 15 ) + 1

Using Pup. Dastanas icon.png Puppetry or Foire Dastanas increases this equation by 1 to:

Stat Boost = floor( Puppetmaster Level ÷ 15 ) + 2
  • Any "Enhances Maneuver" effect is directly added after the end of the equation.

Burden and Overloading

Automatons gain a few degrees of burden every time you use a maneuver, which slowly decays (1 degree per tick) as time goes on. If equipped with a Heatsink the burden of the automaton will decay at a base of 2 or more degrees a tick depending on active water maneuvers.

The amount of burden gained per maneuver depends on your stats and the automaton's stats. If your relevant stat for the maneuver equals or exceeds your Automaton, the automaton will gain 15 degrees of burden for that element. If you have less of the relevant stat than your automaton, it will gain 20 degrees of burden. It is worth noting that burden is element specific. Using Wind Maneuvers will not affect your odds of Fire Maneuver Overload, etc.

Example: Joe is a 99 Puppetmaster with 95 DEX. His Automaton has 92 DEX. He uses a Thunder Maneuver, so now his Automaton has 15 degrees of Thunder burden. The +7 DEX stat bonus gives him 99 DEX, so the next time he uses a Thunder Maneuver his automaton will gain 20 degrees of Thunder burden.

Going over the overload threshold (30 degrees is the base threshold) gives you a chance to overload that's approximately 5% + (Number of Degrees over Threshold)%. If you overload, all your maneuvers are wiped and the automaton is "Overloaded", with a strong gravity and 50% Slow effect. This debuff lasts 1 second for every degree that you were over the threshold.

Example: Joe's automaton has 56 degrees of Thunder burden, but Joe uses another maneuver with less Dexterity than his partner and no equipment on. This brings the total up to 76 degrees of burden (46 degrees over the threshold), which means that he has a 51% chance to Overload. If he does overload, the status will last 46 seconds.

Overload may also be prevented with the equipping of a Condenser.

The ability Cooldown will both remove the effect of Overload and decrease burden by 50%.


Equipment which reduces burden only affects the usage of Maneuvers. Attachments such as the Flame Holder or Ice Maker which add burden are not reduced by equipment.

Equipment Slot Enhancement
Heatsink icon.png Heatsink Attachment Increases burden decay rate.
Kenkonken (Incomplete) icon.png Kenkonken Weapon Degrees per Maneuver ÷ 3 Verification Needed
Midnights icon.png Midnights Weapon Overload Threshold +40
Buffoon's Collar icon.png Buffoon's Collar / +1 Neck Overload Threshold +5
Pup. Dastanas icon.png Puppetry Dastanas / +1 Hands Overload Threshold +5
Foire Dastanas +1 icon.png Foire Dastanas / +1 / +2 / +3 Hands Overload Threshold +5
Cirque Farsetto +1 icon.png Cirque Farsetto +1 Body Overload Threshold +20
Cirque Farsetto +2 icon.png Cirque Farsetto +2 Body Overload Threshold +40
Karagoz Farsetto icon.png Karagoz Farsetto / +1 Body Overload Threshold +40
Burana Earring icon.png Burana Earring Earring Overload Threshold +1
Dispersal Mantle icon.png Dispersal Mantle Back Overload Threshold +5
Visucius's Mantle icon.png Visucius's Mantle Back Overload Threshold +10


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