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Job Ability Information
Type SP Ability  
Level Obtained 96
Description Grants a bonus to number of main weapon attacks that varies with the number of remaining Utsusemi shadows.
Duration 00:00:45
Recast 01:00:00
Cumulative Enmity Volatile Enmity
Command /ja "Mikage" <me> 
Job Points
Category Mikage Effect Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase physical attack by 3.


  • With 5 shadows up, this ability guarantees at least a Double Attack.
  • Distribution appears to be non-uniform, favoring attack numbers closer to your current shadow count.
    • Testing showed an average of 3.5 attacks per swing with 5 shadows up.
  • Significantly increases the Subtle Blow cap for the duration of the effect.