Nokkhi Jinjahl

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Nokkhi Jinjahl.jpg
Location: Port Bastok - (K-8)
Southern San d'Oria - (J-9)
Windurst Woods - (H-10)
Type: Traveling Merchant
Description: Makes arrow quivers, bullet pouches, and card cases.

Traveling Merchant NPC - Quiver-Maker Location: Appears in the capital city of the nation ranked first in conquest (does not show up when there is a tie for first).

Creates a quivers, pouches, and cases in exchange for a Carnation. You may make multiple bundles at a time provided you trade the corresponding amount of Carnations.

Cost: Trade her 99 of the following item and one Carnation to recieve a quiver, pouch, or case:

Porxie Arrow icon.png Arrow Type Porxie Quiver icon.png Quiver
Achiyalabopa Arrow Achiyalabopa Quiver
Adlivun Arrow Adlivun Quiver
Antlion Arrow Antlion Quiver
Beetle Arrow Beetle Quiver
Beryllium Arrow Beryllium Quiver
Chapuli Arrow Chapuli Quiver
Demon Arrow Demon Quiver
Divine Arrow Divine Quiver
Eminent Arrow Eminent Quiver
Gargouille Arrow Gargouille Quiver
Horn Arrow Horn Quiver
Iron Arrow Iron Quiver
Kabura Arrow Kabura Quiver
Mantid Arrow Mantid Quiver
Porxie Arrow Porxie Quiver
Raaz Arrow Raaz Quiver
Ra'Kaznar Arrow Ra'Kaznar Quiver
Raetic Arrow Raetic Quiver
Ruszor Arrow Ruszor Quiver
Scorpion Arrow Scorpion Quiver
Silver Arrow Silver Quiver
Sleep Arrow Sleep Quiver
Stone Arrow Stone Quiver
Tulfaire Arrow Tulfaire Quiver
Adaman Bolt icon.png Bolt Type A. Bolt Quiver icon.png Bolt Quiver
Abrasion Bolt Abrasion Bolt Quiver
Achiyalabopa Bolt Achiyalabopa Bolt Quiver
Acid Bolt Acid Bolt Quiver
Adaman Bolt Adaman Bolt Quiver
Adlivun Bolt Adlivun Bolt Quiver
Beryllium Bolt Beryllium Bolt Quiver
Bismuth Bolt Bismuth Bolt Quiver
Blind Bolt Blind Bolt Quiver
Bloody Bolt Bloody Bolt Quiver
Bronze Bolt Bronze Bolt Quiver
Damascus Bolt Damascus Bolt Quiver
Dark Adaman Bolt Dark Adaman Bolt Quiver
Darkling Bolt Darkling Bolt Quiver
Darksteel Bolt Darksteel Bolt Quiver
Divine Bolt Divine Bolt Quiver
Eminent Bolt Eminent Bolt Quiver
Fusion Bolt Fusion Bolt Quiver
Gashing Bolt Gashing Bolt Quiver
Holy Bolt Holy Bolt Quiver
Midrium Bolt Midrium Bolt Quiver
Oxidant Bolt Oxidant Bolt Quiver
Mythril Bolt Mythril Bolt Quiver
Ra'Kaznar Bolt Ra'Kaznar Bolt Quiver
Righteous Bolt Righteous Bolt Quiver
Sleep Bolt Sleep Bolt Quiver
Titanium Bolt Titanium Bolt Quiver
Venom Bolt Venom Bolt Quiver
Bullet icon.png Bullet Type Bullet Pouch icon.png Bullet Pouch
Achiyalabopa Bullet Achiyalabopa Bullet Pouch
Adaman Bullet Adaman Bullet Pouch
Adlivun Bullet Adlivun Bullet Pouch
Bismuth Bullet Bismuth Bullet Pouch
Bullet Bullet Pouch
Bronze Bullet Bronze Bullet Pouch
Damascus Bullet Damascus Bullet Pouch
Dark Adaman Bullet Dark Adaman Bullet Pouch
Decimating Bullet Decimating Bullet Pouch
Divine Bullet Divine Bullet Pouch
Dweomer Bullet Dweomer Bullet Pouch
Eminent Bullet Eminent Bullet Pouch
Iron Bullet Iron Bullet Pouch
Midrium Bullet Midrium Bullet Pouch
Oberon's Bullet Oberon Bullet Pouch
Orichalcum Bullet Orichalcum Bullet Pouch
Ra'Kaznar Bullet Ra'Kaznar Bullet Pouch
Silver Bullet Silver Bullet Pouch
Spartan Bullet Spartan Bullet Pouch
Steel Bullet Steel Bullet Pouch
Titanium Bullet Titanium Bullet Pouch
Elemental Cards
Trump Card icon.png Card Type Trump Card Case icon.png Card Case
Fire Card Fire Card Case
Ice Card Ice Card Case
Wind Card Wind Card Case
Earth Card Earth Card Case
Thunder Card Thunder Card Case
Trump Card Trump Card Case
Water Card Water Card Case
Light Card Light Card Case
Dark Card Dark Card Case